I am a builder. I started at 6 years old and have been building my whole life. The work is satisfying, but sometimes the requirements of precise measurement, level and square become confining. In my paintings I break free from all rigid rules. My paintings have a life of their own with each piece an individual expression of freedom using form and color.

I tend to work very early in the morning when the world outside is very still and quiet and the day has yet to begin for most creatures. I don’t approach a blank canvas with a preconceived idea of what it will be at the end. I let the paint do its thing. The color goes on layer by layer in a process that balances quick spontaneity with slow labor over weeks, months and sometimes even years. Only after a long process of happy little accidents do they become what you see as a finished canvas.

The result is often surprising. Painting, like life, is all about trying to achieve some sort of equilibrium. For me, it’s like magic.

- Phil Malhiot